Foncé Soul
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Always curious about the path and life of the objects I’ve made.  So, I’ve added this page as a back catalog / registry.  In an attempt to list any info and pictures of previous works.  I don’t have pictures and info on all.  If you harbor one and would care to share you’re info.  Please email me through the contact page.  I will only post basic info, first name, last initial, city and state.  Thanks
Completed July 2010
Built for Burning Man 2010. 6’5 inch tall with adjustable Head and Arms.

Current Location:
Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn
Wilmington, NC
O’mage to Gonzo
Completed Sept 2010
First attempt at working with aluminum using a MIG without a spool gun.  Very frustrating but I was happy with the result.

Current Location:
Fonce Soul Studio
Wilmington, NC
Gifted Mind
December 2011
Current Location: Rockville, MD
Built as a gift, strayed from my usual style. Orange glass, LED lights, PCB Circuitry, early era headphones, and internal structure built of motor components.
Owner: Kendra S.
Sparkbug (1st Edition)
Completed April 2011
Current Location:
Richmond, VA
Built from all spark plugs.  Taken to Transformus 2011 and gifted.
Current Owner: Mike the Undone Hero