Where to begin: Take a million fleeting ideas. All that are usually forgotten after a week.  Trick yourself into believing that every new thing that comes out you’ve already thought off.  Then get mad that someone is always beating you to the punch.  Complain to your wife about it and she tells you to write all your ideas down.  Then start record all of your brain vomit on paper.
 Pick a day to tell your boss to get a haircut and go back to Burning Man, you god damn hippie.  Realize that you have no idea what Burning Man is all about then check it out on the Internet.  Get all crazy about it and drag you wife across the country and into the desert.  Stand on the playa and look back at Black Rock City.  Become amazed by people for the first time in your life.  Find new direction.
Return home and review all the ideas on your list.  Conjure and record more.  Find the current of your thoughts. Build a mental toy box and name it Foncé Soul.  Start building some of your ideas and see what people think.  When they like them but wouldn’t buy them, try other ideas.  Refine, Refine, Refine.  
Make a couple sales on and then build a web site to explain your wackiness and help fund your mad scientist lab.  Hope that you can fire up other’s imaginations and bring them back to the natural art, science and wonderment of childhood. Triggering some of those amazing daydreams. Where life’s drudgeries are non existent and you become yourself.